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    r the last 20 years. The EU Future and Emerging Technology (FET) program has fostered a European scientific community with world-class scientific and technical expertise.Short-term goals (1-5 years):Develop core technology of quantum signal repeaters that work with cryptography capab

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    ility and eavesdropping detection, enabling long-distance point-to-point quantum-secure links.Discover new algorithms, protocols and fields of application for quantum simulators, computers and communication networks, to analyze and design useful chemical processes.Medium-term goals (

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    5-10 years):Realize versatile simulators of material magnetism and of such electronic properties as superconductivity, supporting the development and design of new materials with exotic properties.Simplify quantum sensors so they can be produced at lower costs for larger-volume appli

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cations, such as manufacturing, automotive, construction and geo-surveying. Long-term goals (10 years):Create a secure and fast quantum internet conne

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cting major cities in Europe using quantum repeaters running quantum communication protocols.Build a universal quantum computer to demonstrate the resolut

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ion of a problem that, with current techniques on a supercomputer, would take longer than the age of the universe.Integrate quantum se

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nsors with consumer applications, such as integrated photonic or solid-state devices for mobile devices.More EU companies have shown a stronger interest in

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quantum research, including companies: Airbus Defence and Space, Alcatel Lucent, ASML, Bosch, IBM, Nokia, IMEC, Safran, Siemens and Thales. High-tech SMEs, like e2v, Gooch Housego, ID Quantique, M Squared Lase


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